Autolėkis delivers loads to more than 27 European states.

The company regularly upgrades its vehicle fleet and introduces innovative technologies designed at ensuring the safety of loads. Around 30 % of the company’s trailers are not older than half a year and all trailers are in compliance with EURO4 and EURO5 requirements and have TAPA1 certificates.

Autolėkis vehicles are supplied with GPS equipment, and some of them have image registration systems which help receive useful visual, audio and other information in recording road accidents and monitor driving quality. Security is ensured with the help of special security alarm systems equipped on all vehicles, also special trailer locks.

Since Autolėkis trailers are of special dimensions (3x8x2.5), they can carry a larger number of pallets than other companies’ vehicles, i.e. from 36 to 38 pallets on a trailer.

We haul:

  • Hanging textile products;
  • Textile products in cartons, rolls and other packaging;
  • Excise goods;
  • Other kinds of cargos which can be loaded through the rear of the trailer, i.e. furniture, domestic appliances etc.